I've drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. Though I love good writing, I've always felt that a visual depiction can speak more deeply to all.

Mad Max Poster

Movie poster for the original
Road Warrior movie.


This minimilist illustration depicts
the Great Andy Kaufman.

Nature's Comedian

This digital painting is one of my favorites,
not just because of how it turned out,
but because of the learning
that was involved in the process.

Pack of Comedians

This illustration and the previous
were used in a two page spread
about the Spotted Hyena.
They are absolutely fascinating creatures!

Anatomical Drawing

This anatomical drawing of a horse's leg
shows the amazingly inticate muscles
that make them so powerful!

Shoe Design

Shoe design sketch brought to life.

Grudge Match

Being the proud father to my rescued Pitbull
I've come across alot of misconceptions
about these amazing dogs.
They are tough, but also sweet.

Going Batty

This fun piece depicts a spelunker
unwittingly entering the cave of
a mischievous she-bat.

A Torn Sticker

Finding a torn sticker for a sticker remover product
is not as easy as you might think.
This illustration was meticulously painted
showing pulp & adhesive.

Hell's Surfer

I imagine this is what Gary Busey
would look like as a demon.

American Muscle 1

We needed some catalog pieces of
cars in different locations.
The challenge, we had a $500 budget.

American Muscle 2

This Camara was for a car care catalog.
"Cool cars in exotic looking locations"
with no budget for either. Ready and....Go!

Mini Trek

This is another catalog piece
we needed for cars about the world.

Bank Heist

Two women tried to Thelma & Louise a bank,
but it turns out that nice guy they met
at the zoo is an F.B.I agent!

Bucket Head

This character was a doodle that I wanted to bring to life.
I wanted him to be fully articulate and cartoonlike,
but able to be rendered into a realistic scene.

Gangster Lizard

This character was alot of fun to make.
I imagined a reptilian Henry Hill from Goodfellas.


This character was a Rumplestiltskin-esque
attempt to make a creature both scary and cute.

The Meeting

This requires the dialogue, "Now this year,
we arent gonna just swim up and take a bite!
Yeah, I'm looking at you Steve.
We're gonna nibble until someone yells "Piranha"
That's when we go for it!"

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