I've designed just about everything you can think of: Billboards, ads, logos, packaging, books, a building, etc. When it comes to design, my approach is to fulfill the clients needs in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Design isnt about expressing myself as an artist, it's about expressing my client's needs.



This catalog was a gamechanger
in the auto care category.

This ad is for a roommate finding service.
That goldfish would be sweating...
if he wasnt in a bowl of water.


High impact ad showcasing the
discomfort of dry skin.
I matched the model pose
with a 3d model and applied
a cracked earth texture map.

Sponsor Ad

This ad for the Winnetka warriors
had a 1 hour deadline.
Every element was composited from
stock images and vector logos.

L'Oreal Hair Dye

Spec Ad for Black Hair Dye.
Fun Fact: Ravens are as smart
as chimps & Dolphins.

Blast Headphones

High-End Headphones ad.
This ultra shiney, high contrast imagery
consists of several levels of 3D rendering composited to
get depth and reflections beyond what reality can deliver.

Product Design

Power Out! Line

This line of car care products
was reinvented from the ground up.
I developed the logo to print optimally
across several substrates.

Wipe Samples

This sample wipe was a givaway
for trade shows.

CD-2 Redesign

This line of car care products
was looking dated so I updated the look
and created an easily recognized
pallette to differentiate the products.

Turtle Wax Headlight Kit

This product was a #1 selling kit,
but the drab photography was less than optimal
and wasnt reproducing well in print.
I decided to use a 3D car that I created in Maya
and lit with HDMI lighting to get that ultra-depth
in the paint. because it is digitally created,
it reproduces clean.


This is a product concept.
Pretty cool idea, armor for your rims.


This CD was a sample handed out
at a fundraiser for an off
Broadway production about a boy
and a blue lobster.
The lobster is digitally painted.

Logo Design

Crow Publishing logo

This logo was created for Crow Publishing.
They wanted an iconic logo
that was instantly recognizable.

Knightware logo

This logo was created for a new anti-virus
A futuristic throwback
to the 80's movie Excalibur
was the desired look.

Prototype Tech logo

This logo conveys energy.
The font choice is simple with clean lines.

VOID logo

Vision. Of. Infinite. Dimensions.
A dark understated logo
that instantly reads emptiness,
the infinite dimensions are depicted
with the petals making up the "O".

Shred-X logo

This logo was created for a mobile shredding company.
They needed something visual that depicted what they do.
Great white sharks were the first mobile shredders.

quixote logo

This logo was created on spec, the company
chose a brush script font instead of a logo.
Extremely disappointing, how does a
brush script font charge at a windmill!!

Monkey Fight Logo

This logo was created for production company.
They wanted a logo that was playful and
visually striking...literally

Icarus FX

The Icarus FX studio
chose the Greek myth as their inspiration.

Web Design

Turtle Wax

The Turtle Wax website was in need of a facelift,
so I developed a more cinematic feel.

Shine Squad / Pro-Tips logos

The Shine Squad logo was created in 3D
so that the chrome would have
extremely realistic reflection mapping.

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