I am an award winning graphic designer, with over 20 years experience and a slew of happy clients. I specialize in corporate branding, including logo design, brochures, advertising, marketing, social media, web design, concept art, video production, and product design.

I had the honor of working for the iconic brand Turtle Wax. I developed this line of products for them. The challenge was the can, they are printed in a very unique way that required a limit of 14 colors that were all applied simultaneously.

Another unique product I developed packaging for. These Rim savers are applied to the outside edge of a car's rims to protect them from curbs etc.

This is a 3D rendering of a concept to use a packet style of container for Marvel Mystery Oil. This packaging was brand new at the time and is currently being used for baby food and healthy fruit snacks. I created the model for this and painstakingly sculpted every wrinkle.

This CD and case were designed for a fundraiser of an off-Broadway production called Blue. This is a mixture pf photography and illustration.